Heide Anglophone

« I was born in a poor family and I am the youngest of the 8 children. I struggled a lot especially in my schooling and most of the time I went to school just a little amount on my wallet not even enough for my one week allowance. Fortunately, I was blessed with generous people who had helped me to finish my schooling. Our poverty was my inspiration to reach my dream and got a job as a teacher. Last 2006, I came in France full of confidence, enthusiast and zealous to share my profession as a teacher. Unluckily, I was rejected because of my language barrier and qualification inadequacy. I failed as a teacher in Values Education. Regardless of my qualification, I worked in a big family of 11 members as a cook and a baby sitter. I am working and receiving salary every month but I am always asking myself, « Heide, is this really what you want in life? Are you happy with your work? My heart is screaming, tears falling from my eyes and I would like to tell to the whole world that I can do more than my job now. I am challenged to undergo the training in English which is not my job description. I am working at the same time studying is not a joke. Most of the people whom I encountered, asked me « Are you sure you can do it? Could you survive? I answered them with a smile, I BELIEVE WITH MYSELF. Everyday I am reciting this, H E I D E, you’re a woman of H-igh standard, E-fficient, I-ntelligent, D-etermined and E-nduring you can do your best today. If we will not believe with ourselves, who will believe in us?

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